Helping BUSY, TIRED MUMS ignite their sexual identity!

RECLAIM your sexual identity, libido and confidence and say bye to stress, anxiety and shame!

Improving sexual self-image, low sexual desire, relationship issues and painful sex one mum at a time.

79% of mums have no or low libido! 

Mums have 3 main barriers to having sex. Discover your personal barrier to revive your low libido and bring the spark back to your relationship!

Mama’s Sex Survey Report

Hidden secrets revealed: If you are a mother, partner to a mother, work with mothers or expecting a baby this report is essential for you!

Things are looking pretty dissatisfying for mothers in the bedroom. Low sexual desire and low sexual self-image. BUT are they happy?

Discover the facts about new-parents sex lives:

  • How mothers honestly feel
  • How partners can help keep the flame alive for strong relationships
  • How improving prenatal and 6-week check-up sexual health discussions could change the way new mothers approach sex, intimacy and their bodies postpartum.

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strives to...


Educate and empower women to take control and treasure their sensuality and sexual desire.


Revamp self and partner connections to enjoy pleasure-focused sex lives.


Ignite women’s sexual health and pleasure discussions.

Tired, busy mothers are “touched out”. Cringing at the sight of their bodies and partner’s touch

I was the same! Listen to my story below.

Awaken your sex life through...


Learn the truth about women’s sexual health and sexual dysfunctions to reclaim your sexual identity


Develop skills to confidently communicate and own your sexual pleasure and sexual identity.


Boost your confidence and energy through connection and harnessing your sexual power.

Be guided through your journey...

Mama’s Sensual Safari Course

Have you lost your sexual identity and sexual desire since having kids? Is it taking a toll on your relationship? This sensual revival course is for you! The Mama’s Sensual Safari takes an all-inclusive, holistic approach to reclaim your sexual identity, confidence and libido.

Mojo Matters Journal

Did you know writing about sex invigorates sexual desire! This women’s health sex journal inspires women to explore their sensual wants and needs. Stimulate your self-love now.

Ohnut is an intimate wearable that can help you manage and potentially reduce pain during sex by allowing you to easily customize how deep penetration goes.

Authenticity is key to sensuality
Challenge social views of “sexy”.
Discover the art of authentic sensuality by understanding YOU.