Mama’s Sensual Safari

Are you ready to…

Own your sexual desire, sexual energy and be your ultimate self

Empower your sexual self-image, believe in your worth and be a positive role-model

Confidently communicate your pleasure-focused wants and needs – your pleasure and satisfaction is important!

Say hello to intimate relationships again! Revive your emotional and intimate connection with yourself and your partner

Live a life filled with sexual satisfaction!

Does this sound like you?

I have no interest in sex since having children and avoid sex as much as possible

I don’t see myself as a sexual person my body is too damaged from pregnancy and childbirth

Reduced intimacy in my relationship is taking its toll

You are not alone!


… of mums are unsatisfied with their sex life within the first 12 months of childbirth.


… of parents say their quality of sex has diminished since having children.

Revive your low libido, discover your sexual identity and improve your relationship intimacy

Want to join the exclusive club of sensual mamas who are living fulfilling sex lives?
Then this sex therapy course is for you!

Mama’s Sensual Safari takes an all-inclusive, holistic approach to stimulate your sensuality.

  • Inclusive of all mamas no matter your sexuality or relationship status and has been specifically designed for mamas from early postpartum through to mamas with kids who have finished school.
  • Discover how to ignite your inner passion, remove barriers to your sexual freedom, engage your sensuality, take control of your pleasure and return the spice to your life!
  • Experiencing prolapse, nerve damage and other complications from childbirth? Don’t let your birth story be the end of your sex life.
  • Exude confidence and serenity naturally by accepting your genuine self. Particularly for mothers exuding confidence, passion, body appreciation, understanding your strengths, feelings and attitudes is exactly the positive modelling we want to portray to our children.

Enrol Now for just $199!


Is the Mama’s Sensual Safari value for money?


I know first hand that mamas are last in line to spend money on themselves. If you are looking for a life-changing program to unlock your hidden passion, I have ensured that this course is affordable so don’t feel guilty. It’s vital as mamas that we fill our cup first to have the physical and emotional energy to care for those we love.

This sex therapy course consists of months worth of sex therapy for a fraction of the price. 

What you’ll get:

  1. A qualified sex therapist guiding you with educational information and practical explorations to reclaim your sexual identity and desire
  2. 12 hours of video and written content – access anytime at your own pace
  3. 2 yoga videos and 6 audio tools to help you relax and decompress
  4. Clear outlines to hold solution-driven self and partner discussions (what do you want and what do you need)
  5. A FREE Mojo Matters Journal valued at $49.95RRP
  6. 10% Off an Ohnut purchase

All of this for our special price of $199!