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I speak regularly to mums across Australia and globally about a range of topics related to sex, sensuality and relationships. I have spoken at the Australasian Birth Trauma Summit, NSW Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenting Education Coordinators Network, been a podcast guest and provided commentary for articles.


I’m a confident speaker and presenter who loves to engage with the audience. My personal approach is that sex is fun and conversations about sex should be informative and fun. Otherwise how will we move from talking in the taboo topic space to open and honest discussions?


If you want to know more about:

  • Mum’s sex life concerns
  • Mum’s honest experiences with sex after childbirth
  • Moving forward with intimate relationships after birth trauma
  • Reviving intimacy in relationships after kids
  • How sex lives change over time for women
  • The importance of sexual satisfaction and focusing on sex for pleasure
  • The non-sexual benefits of empowering your sensual self


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