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Let’s dive into a vibrant conversation where we explore the fascinating realm of women’s sexuality and relationships! As a confident speaker and presenter, I thrive on engaging with audiences like you, injecting every discussion with an irresistible blend of information, entertainment, and yes, a dash of fun!


Picture this: a world where we can openly discuss sex, sensuality, and everything in between without a hint of hesitation. That’s the world I envision, where taboo topics surrounding sexual health are dismantled one engaging conversation at a time.


From captivating talks to captivating women, couples, and health professionals across Australia and beyond, I’ve had the privilege of shedding light on a myriad of topics. Igniting discussions at events like the Australasian Birth Trauma Summit, NSW Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenting Education Coordinators Network, NSW Community of Practice for FGM/C, and providing insightful commentary for articles and podcasts, my mission remains the same: to empower individuals to embrace their sexuality with confidence and honesty.


Now, let’s delve into the juicy stuff, shall we?


Are you curious or seeking to educate your audience about:


  • Navigating intimacy concerns during menopause
  • Understanding the intricacies of pelvic organ prolapse and its impact on relationships
  • Honest insights into post-childbirth sexuality
  • How to revive intimacy after experiencing birth trauma
  • Psychosocial aspects of women’s sexual health to benefit continuity of care for patients

Whatever it may be, from the evolution of women’s sex lives to the profound importance of sexual satisfaction, I’m here to spark meaningful conversations that inspire growth and empowerment.


Don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether you prefer to fill out the form below or shoot me an email at hello@authenticawareness.com.au, let’s break down barriers, shatter stigmas, and embark on transformative conversations together!women’s 

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