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Vanessa runs a holistic practice where all sexualities and relationship types are welcome. She specialises in women’s sexual health, in particular supporting new mothers and women during the menopause transition to reconnect with themselves and their partners.


Major life changes and misguided sex education set in a male-centric arena has left women uncertain about their sexuality. Vanessa’s goal is for women to take control and understand their sexuality and power.


Talking about sex is hard, which is where Vanessa’s friendly and honest personality helps ease tension and creates an open and safe space for discussion. Sex is an important aspect of health and Vanessa understands how our external world influences our feelings and beliefs about sex and our entitlements. Being practically minded, she assists clients to create space for sex in their lives based on their individual needs and desires.


It’s hard to talk about sex without talking about relationships. Often conversations are more about what happens outside the bedroom than in the bedroom. For those in a current relationship sessions may be individual or involve both parties in the relationship.

Why seek Sex Therapy?

Clients seek sex therapy for a variety of reasons.  Often people are nervous, scared and embarrassed when they first reach out. As a professional Sex Therapist, Vanessa is trained to address all difficulties relating to sexuality and sexual functioning.


Common topics or concerns covered during sex therapy

  • Sexual desire concerns – low or no interest in sex
  • Arousal concerns – poor lubrication
  • Orgasm concerns
  • Painful sex – dyspareunia, vaginismus
  • Age-related sexual and body concerns
  • Prolapse (POP) interfering with intimacy
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Exploring sexuality – kink/fetish introductions

Who seeks Sex Therapy?

People of all ages come to therapy for answers and education about sexual health. Sex therapy is popular in Europe and the USA, however, in conservative Australia people are still learning the value of sex therapy.


Our intimate life is a cornerstone of our relationships. People want to be in a relationship where they feel love and appreciation. Intimacy is a unique way we show our partners love and appreciation and place the relationship on a pedestal above our friendships and other relationships.


Vanessa welcomes everyone into her practice, but has a particular specialty in working with women and couples experiencing:


  • Menopause transition
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse concerns
  • Postpartum recovery difficulties
  • Sex and cultural belief difficulties

What happens during Sex Therapy?

In your initial appointment you’ll meet Vanessa with the aim of understanding your individual concerns and discussing a range of topics. These may include your general physical and mental health, family and cultural beliefs about sexuality and sex, your current relationship and past concerns.


Vanessa prefers a solution-focused approach to therapy. Her goal is to assist you in getting where you want to be. This means a shorter amount of sessions are generally required. Tailored homework is provided to assist your progression and deepen your understanding of your sexuality and relationship.

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