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Sexual Barriers Quiz

80% of new mums have no interest in sex.


Interest in sex after birth can be challenging (just read the Mama’s Sex Survey results) but it doesn’t need to be!
You can reconnect with yourself and your partner and find your zest for life.


Mums have 3 MAIN barriers to sex. Take this quick 5 question quiz to discover what’s stopping you today!

When it comes to sex I...

woman lying on her side on bed covering her face wishing for more connection and intimacy after sex


When I look at other mums at school/daycare pickup I wonder…

Padlocks on a fence, resentment affecting sex after kids, relationship issues. Pexels.com


When my partner mentions they have booked a hotel for us I would..

man and woman standing in the middle of a street boost intimacy by kissing. The man is holding an umbrella and there are cars and buildings behind the couple.


During sex I…

figurines lying down hugging each other under net blanket demonstrating a position after sex after birth


If my kids walked in on me having sex I would immediately…


What is your main barrier to sex?
Low Sexual Desire
Sexual Self Image
Sexual Communication
Alternate Barrier