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About Me

Women WANT a sex drive!
Women are too busy for mundane sex lives.  It’s time for your sensual revival!

Qualified Sex Therapist Reigniting The Sex Lives Of Australian Women

I’m so excited you found me! It’s my honour to help mothers and women transitioning through menopause to reconnect with themselves and their partners.


My name is Vanessa Tarfon and I am a qualified Sex Therapist, with a Masters in HIV, STIs and Sexual Health from the University of Sydney.


I’m a mama to two beautiful, energetic little boys living with sleep deprivation in a busy household. After having children my self-care time vanished leaving me exhausted, overwhelmed, touched out and missing my identity. I understand the struggles women face with their sexuality, confidence and relationships during life-changing events.


I brought my inner-self and sexuality back to life and in the process discovered many mothers walking around so deep in “mum life” they don’t know themselves anymore. So, after working in the corporate world for several years…I listened and acted to establish Authentic Awareness.


I am passionate about making sex therapy and education accessible to all women and couples with a variety of different schedules.


Why do I focus on helping mothers and menopausal women?

Men and women lack education about women’s experiences during postpartum recovery and the menopause transition. This lack of education leaves women feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and restless with no easy access to answers.


Many women don’t understand their own bodies to recognise their pleasure, or have the vocabulary to communicate their uncensored needs and desires. Bearing busy women in mind, I want to give women, like you, the tools and skills to ignite their saucy sexuality.


Open yourself up to sensuality and connection and welcome confidence, good health and energy into your home.


Vanessa x

Vanessa Tarfon

Owner, Authentic Awareness

My Commitment Is To...


I am committed to empowering women to accept and express their tantalising sexual self-image.


I am committed to educating women on their untapped potential by revealing a deeper connection to their true self and partner.


I am committed to breaking incorrect perceptions of sexual health and bringing female pleasure into everyday discussions.

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